Amelia Chien Yu-ting 



2016 Jan. – 2019 Feb.  Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei, Taiwan. — Gallery Manager

2018  Art Media — Contributing Editor

2015  Taiwan Women’s Art Association, NewTaipei, Taiwan. — Executive Secretary

2015  RFK Studio — Project Manager

2015   Videotage, HongKong — Assistant

2014-2015  Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan. — Assistant

2013-2014   R.A. for Prof. Chi-ming Lin, Department of Arts and Design, National Taipei University of Education (NTUE), Taipei, Taiwan.

2012-2014  Taipei Art Economy Research Centre (TAERC), Datong, Taipei, Taiwan. — Project Assistant

2013  Taiwan Cultural & Creative Platform Foundation, Zhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan. — Assistant

2013   Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan.. — Assistant



2016   Art Basel Hong Kong as an Expanding Art Fair and it’s Effects on the Local Ecology of Art.

2013   The Influence of Galleries on the Development and Promotion of Contemporary Art in Taiwan.



Dec .31.2013  Global Art Fair Guide 2013, Taipei: Taiwan Art Gallery Association, 2013.

Nov.13.2013   Object & Document (’13) Taiwan Metalsmithing 1895-1970, Taipei: RFK studio, 2013.


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